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Potosi R-Iii - Potosi, Missouri - Public School District

Phone - 573-438-5485
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Potosi R-Iii School District

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Potosi R-Iii Reviews

from: Angela Knaup | submitted: Sep 16, 2009
This school district is one of the worst in the state. As a parent, we recently received a letter from the district telling me that the district was failing in communication arts and all math areas and had an overall score of less than 60%. The administration, including the board and superintendent only care about their jobs and keeping their various family members employed within the district. The teachers constantly complain in class about why they are stuck working at Potosi instead of elsewhere and my daughter is reprimanded weekly because she doesn't care to support the football and other sports by wearing purple on Fridays. This is not a uniformed school and yet a teacher will spend the entire class time yelling at the students because they are not going to a game. Her Comp III teacher told the class that grammar and spelling were unimportant in the real world and in her comp class. I find that crazy since that is an element of comp III or any comp class. The speech teacher for high school only has experience dealing with 5th grade and the class is treated as such. I had to send play-doh to school for this teacher for my daughter who is a junior and my child told me that they spent the day playing with the play-doh and then today was spent coloring with crayons and colored pencils. I'm not quite sure what that has to do with public speaking. The same teacher is very discriminitory to some of the students, telling them that they cannot do something but then allowing the next student in line to speak on the same issue. All in all, my daughter is unhappy with her first month back in the public school system and has asked that we go back to homeschool next year. She is very college oriented, but this school district only seems to care about sports and is very small minded about anything else. The school advisor told her today that she only needs to take the act 1 or 2 times, but we feel that it should be taken as many times as the student wishes in order to achieve the score that student desires. We are very unhappy with the Potosi school district and advise other parents to watch this district closely. My son is in 3d grade at home, and we found out last week that the district had added him to their enrollment without our consent in order to receive funds from the state. This infuriated me and I filed a complaint with the dept. of education and informed them that my son had never been enrolled in any public school and had always been homeschooled. I received a not nice phone call from the district wanting to charge me a fee because they have been issued a citation and must pay back all of the money that they collected with their false enrollment numbers. I imagine they have done this with other homeschool families also. Please beware of the Potosi School District!!!!

Potosi R-Iii School District Data
County of Location: Washington
Number of Schools in This District: 5
Student/Teacher ratio: 16.3
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 2,485
Total Males: 1,261
Total Females: 1,224
American Indian Students: 0
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 12
African Americans: 28
Hispanic: 11
White: 2,434
Total Staff: 296
Fulltime Teachers: 152
Ungraded Teachers: 0
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 2
Kindergarten Teachers: 10
Elementary Teachers: 72
Secondary Teachers: 67
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 3
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 3
Total Guidance Counselors: 6
LEA Administrators: 4
School Administrators: 5
LEA Admin Support Staff: 17
School Admin Support Staff:
Student Support Services Staff: 14
Other Support Staff: 79
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 3
Instructional Aides - Total: 15
Instructional Coordinators: 1